How to Get Vipre Antivirus Lifetime Subscription?

Vipre antivirus is the best antivirus now a day among other antiviruses as the process load on task manager is very less in terms of freezing your system or slowing down your system. There are two ways to get life time validity with Vipre antivirus one is buy lifetime subscription and or use the procedure listed below.

If you are facing any issue or errors while upgrading Vipre antivirus you can read now How to Upgrade to VIPRE Internet Security 2017. But to know the best procedure to activate Vipre antivirus for the life time subscription you can execute below listed methods to solve the problem. Each method is a complete solution to activate Vipre antivirus for lifetime solution.

Renew Vipre Antivirus Subscription

Steps To Get Vipre Antivirus Lifetime License:


Step1: Download and install Vipre trial version follow on screen commands to install.

Step2: Open installed Vipre in the computer and click on help button located in the menu.

Step3: Now press register button and enter information to register an account.

Step4: Now enter the activation key and press ok button to register.

Step5: Make sure registrant password should be


Step6: Reboot option will be prompted don’t reboot the system.

Step7: Run Vipre internet security setup and upgrade the antivirus by finding update options in Vipre.

Step8: Restart after completing installation.

Step9: Now enjoy your lifetime subscription and update from time to time.


Step1: Open the USB containing Vipre setup.

Step2: After installing software enter activation code and register your account.

Step3: The Device is in warranty of 30 days.

Step4: Keep your device updated to avoid any kind of errors.


Step1: After installing software Download patch form any torrent site for your version.

Step2: Extract the downloaded file and copy and paste files into the Vipre folder.

Call Vipre Support Number +1-844-706-6636 for Vipre Antivirus Lifetime Subscription Issues

With the steps listed in the blog you can register your antivirus for lifetime license to provide you most secured subscription. Now after activating antivirus on your system you can exchange date more securely life time. However if you need instant help call Vipre customer support number for round the clock assistance in USA and Canada.

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