How to Fix Vipre Outlook Add in Crashing Problem?

After upgrading to the latest Vipre antivirus you may face issue with some of the applications like Outlook as this add on plug in for the app will stop responding or start crashing. In general this happens when the registry or files for the application or of the updated software is corrupted and on updating the file the errors introduced in the application.

If you are not able to solve Vipre business browser issues you need to know best methods to fix the error by reading How to solve a VIPRE Business Browser Protection False Positive. But to fix outlook crashing problem you need to read methods below and execute one by one very carefully to solve the vipre outlook add in crashing problem as each method is the right solution to the problem.

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Steps to Fix Vipre Outlook Add in Issue:


Step1: Open Vipre antivirus panel it will pop up a message to deactivate the pop up.

Step2: Now select manage email and select turn off filtering emails, spam filtering and anti-phishing as well as email protection.

Step3: In Viper panel turn on email protection.

Step4: Restart the computer.


Step1: Open outlook and select files and click on options in that.

Step2: Now click on plugins and select disable plugins and press go button.

Step3: In disabled plug in select vipre antivirus and click on enable option next to Vipre.

Step4: Save the settings now and close the Outlook.

Step5: Open viper and select turn on spam filtering or more options and save the settings.

Step6: Restart the computer and check if the issue is resolved.

Call Vipre Support Number +1-844-706-6636 to Fix Vipre Outlook Add In Crashing Problem

To get in touch with Vipre support you can contact Vipre support technicians to fix Vipre outlook add in issues with Vipre antivirus. Best methods to solve this error code is listed in the blog above and if after following complete methods the issue is not resolved you can call toll free number +1-844-706-6636 you can get in touch with certified technical experts.

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